How we charge for our services

The way in which we charge for our advice, is flexible, depending on what the client requires.

You should never pre-judge how you would prefer to pay for financial advice before having an initial consultation (remembering that first meetings are normally without charge or obligation).

At the end of an initial meeting, we suggest the most cost efficient way for a client to pay for our advice, ensuring that the fee structure is viable for every client in both the short and medium term.

Clients can pay for our services by either an hourly fee, a fixed fee, a transaction related charge, or indeed a mixture of different methods.

Each payment method has its advantages and disadvantages, for example, some types of fees can be subject to VAT; equally, some types of investment products need ongoing advice, whereas others don’t, (they are simply a one off transaction).

It is simply a case of working out what is best for the client and their ongoing requirements.

Obviously, it goes without saying, that we always outline and agree our fee structure with our clients before proceeding.

Equally, if you have a particular preference on fees we are happy to accommodate your request if we can.

We are very happy to have a comprehensive discussion about fees and charges during an initial meeting.

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