Tax Efficient Investments

There are a number of tax efficient investments available, and there are a number of ways to tax efficiently manage your money. Our Advisers are very well experienced in tax efficiently managing client’s assets.

The most well known tax efficient investment is obviously ISAs, and we try to make sure that clients use their ISA allowances every year.  We have systems which allow us to automatically use your ISA allowance every year from the part of your portfolio that is not currently within ISAs.  This is commonly referred to as a “Bed & ISA” transaction, because it takes money from one part of the portfolio and puts it into another, namely the most tax efficient part. This continuing use of your ISA allowances is normally without charge, it is simply part of the ongoing management of your portfolio.

But equally, annual meetings can be of great benefit because they allow us to tax efficiently use your Capital Gains Tax allowances each year, meaning that we protect more of your portfolio from tax, by continually using your Capital Gains Tax allowance. One of the key failings of investors is the failure to use Capital Gains Tax allowances, year on year, yet the long term effect of crystallising gains for tax efficiency is enormous.

Finally, if appropriate, pensions should never be overlooked for tax planning. Pensions are most often used to avoid income tax by making the appropriate pension contribution into a pension plan. But, pensions can be very tax efficient if used in conjunction with the appropriate Trust, especially when planning for the mitigation of potential Inheritance Tax.


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