This section of our site contains guides and calculators to help you think about your financial planning needs.

They are aimed at both business owners, who may also be employers, and private individuals with wealth management goals.

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Information on income tax and traditional savings products, such as bank, building society and deposit accounts as well as ISAs
Guides for businesses and employers on topics such as staff benefit packages, key man insurance, directors' pensions and debt financing
Stocks and shares, unit and investment trusts and capital gains tax are some of the topics covered here for those with an interest in the risks and rewards of investing
Information about the different types of mortgage and interest rates, investing in property and calculators for estimating borrowing and repayment amounts
Insurance and assurance policies to protect you and your dependants against the disruption caused by your critical illness or sudden death
Pension scheme types, annuities, tax-free allowances and calculators to estimate pension fund shortfalls and state pension eligibility
Why you should write a will and keep it up to date, an explanation of inheritance tax rules and a calculator to estimate your estate's liability