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On-going support

Never underestimate the importance of ongoing support, it is the thing that our clients value the most.

You don’t just need quality advice at outset when you first create your investment or pension portfolio, or indeed when you first appoint a new Adviser. Whilst quality investment and taxation planning advice is important at the beginning, it becomes even more important with time. The larger your portfolio becomes, the more important you need ongoing advice.

We have a structured programme of ongoing reviews with clients and we make sure that every client knows exactly when they can expect to receive a full review of their portfolio during the year.

Regular portfolio review dates are set out at outset and we also encourage all clients to establish a benchmark in relation to the performance of their portfolio so that we can measure actual performance achieved against the benchmark the client originally set. Equally, for technical or general queries, we have highly trained administration staff who can deal with any ongoing questions and produce valuations as required.

One of the things that you will notice from outset, is how friendly and efficient the administration team are in dealing with client queries.

Our back office systems are driven by 1st Software (Iress) which, within the industry, is one of the most cutting edge client management systems. As well as working closely with your Premier Wealth Management Adviser, you will find that you build up a very personal relationship with our office staff during the course of your contact with the Company.

Everybody at Premier Wealth Management knows the value of personal relationships and our clients frequently comment on how pleasant and efficient the staff are.

Please note: whilst we endeavour to review investments regularly, this is not obligatory for our clients or indeed contractual. All clients can have an additional ad hoc review upon request if they feel there is benefit in doing so.

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The on-going advice and support that we give to clients, together with the regular portfolio reviews is certainly not common place in the industry!

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As Independent Financial Advisers, we are able to offer you a choice of all the methods of payment available.

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Our fees are exceptionally competitive, we normally do not charge for an initial interview. We believe that the service we provide is second to none and we also believe that our investment portfolios are run and managed on the lowest possible charges.