Inheritance tax

With the rise in property prices, and the mediocre rise in the amount individuals are allowed to leave free of Inheritance Tax (“The Nil Rate Band”) many people now find themselves in a situation where Inheritance Tax will be payable on their estate if they die.

Inheritance Tax planning is in itself a dilemma, because none of us know how long we are going to live or how much access we will need to our capital in the future. Therefore, Premier Wealth Management Ltd have numerous Inheritance Tax planning arrangements, enabling us to match the right Inheritance Tax planning scheme to the right individual or couple.

We can offer Inheritance Tax planning arrangements that allow access to capital during the investor’s lifetime, or plans that allow access to income.We have Inheritance Tax planning measures that give a high degree of flexibility, or plans that can create a rigid structure to ensure that the wishes of the investor are stringently met.

Often Inheritance Tax planning involves the use of Trusts, which themselves can come in a wide variety of forms, and are subject to legistative change.We can assist investors in the establishment of Trusts for children or grandchildren or for educational purposes.

Timely attention to the ever-growing Inheritance Tax planning problem and quality independent financial advice can normally enable you to largely avoid paying 40% tax on the wealth that you have created in excess of the Nil Rate Band.

Our Inheritance Tax planning advice is focussed on achieving a tax-efficient preservation of wealth to the next generation.

Don’t forget! That with the right planning, your pension can be very tax efficient for inheritance tax planning too!

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