Whilst the mechanics, technical construction and the different types of Trusts may be complicated, the fact is that the application of a Trust is very simple.

A Trust is basically a legally worded document, that relates or attaches itself to an asset. In most cases, the asset is an investment, but it can also be property or a specific item.

By using a Trust, you can ensure that an asset is looked after in the way that you prescribe. You can also make sure that the asset or investment is ultimately distributed, or given to the people that you intended, at a point in the future.

Trusts are very useful for tax planning and also to make sure that your wealth is protected and passed to your Beneficiaries.

There are many different types of Trust and you do need a Specialist Adviser to assist you, but the benefits and tax savings can be enormous.

If you are looking to take income from your money whilst you are alive, but have the money then paid to your Beneficiaries after your death (possibly free of Inheritance Tax), then the appropriate Trust can assist you.

If you have disabled or dependent children, Trusts can be very useful in protecting the assets you wish them to ultimately benefit from.

If you have a larger Estate and you want to protect some of your money from Inheritance Tax, whilst still taking income, there are appropriate Trusts available.

If you want to protect your pension fund and make sure that it is not subject to Inheritance Tax before your retirement, then Trusts are extremely efficient.

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